What we do and Why we do it


Who is ePIC?

A team of experienced ASIC and systems engineers focused on delivering innovative semiconductors for the Blockchain market. We are much more than the typical design shop.

ePIC’s team has over 120 years of experience, designing and delivering industry leading semiconductors for GPU, PC, smartphones and game consoles applications. Products designed by ePIC engineers are in use across several billion products across the world and likely several in your household and office. Our people are senior engineers who have contributed to key designs and products from AMD, ATI, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, Qualcomm, Sony and many others. Our expertise in high performance, parallel processing and power efficiency are unrivalled in the industry for designing Blockchain ASICs.

What does ePIC do?

Creates state-of-the-art semiconductors for Blockchain processing or mining,

Incorporating innovative designs, we deliver high-performance, power-efficient blockchain semiconductors. Our end-to-end system philosophy covers architecture planning, specifications development, verilog coding, FPGA validation, logic synthesis, circuit board design, firmware and driver development, RTL/GDSII hand-off, supplier qualification and semiconductor supply chain management.

HoW does ePIC perform it’s magic?

Through a combination of ePIC’s innovative staff, design expertise, state-of-the-art design tools, end-to-end systems approach and foundry/technology relationships.

We have access to leading edge fab services and supply chain that are the envy of others in the industry. ePIC employs best practises and leading edge designs to to give your company the best of breed in blockchain solutions.

Why should I use ePIC services?

Your Blockchain solutions will be faster, more secure, more energy efficient and more reliable with ePIC.

ePIC is more than a semiconductor design shop as we take an end-to-end systems approach to give you the quickest ROI, highest mining rewards and faster time-to-market delivery while delivering full product reliability. No more finger pointing between your subcontractors … ePIC knows how to deliver ASICs that work … and on-time, with the highest quality standards and in volume! We drive a 5C culture throughout the company … Capable, Creative, Committed, Confident and CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) … to deliver the best products in the industry.

When are ePIC products available?

ePIC semiconductors and software are in development for shipment in Q4 2019. Currently ePIC is focused on delivering the best blockchain solutions for Grin cryptocurrency. The first ePIC semiconductor will be 50x the performance of the typical GPU and 200x more energy efficient. More information is available in the Services and Products section of ePIC’s website.

Where do I get ePIC products?

Currently ePIC products are custom designed for Blockchain processing in the cryptocurrency market and will be available through our customers in 2019. Look for additional blockchain products powering enterprise, government, and the crypto-assets from ePIC in 2020 and beyond. If you are looking for an unfair advantage in your blockchain portfolio and need semiconductors, FPGA or software/firmware drivers, be sure to contact us

Our Strengths


Brilliant Engineering and Innovative Design

Best of Breed design process

• More than 120 years of cumulative experience in semiconductor design

• Expertise in all aspects of Blockchain


ASIC Tech Suppliers

ePIC uses top tier suppliers and tools to design, manufacture and test our products.

• TSMC - Foundry Supplier

• Alchip - Value Chain Aggregator

• SPIL - Test & Chip Packaging Supplier

• Xilinx - FPGA Supplier

Cadence - EDA Tools Vendor

• Synopsys- EDA Tools Vendor


End-to-end Systems Approach

ePIC employs a “Total System Approach”. We design from a systems perspective to ensure your ASIC works with the firmware, board and other components in your system. This approach provides the highest efficiency in time-to-market and minimizes unexpected cost due to deficiencies in the design.


Accelerated Design

Faster design and production cycles mean your hardware hits the ground sooner, resulting in more mining profits for you and your customers.


North America Based

We are proudly Canadian - Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario - but we have global reach, eh!

Being North Americans, we design and we do not mine.


Supply Chain Management

ePIC manages and optimizes your supply chain. Our close partnerships at every stage of manufacturing ensures that your blockchain hardware is delivered on time and on budget.