An ASIC is born - ePIC GRN1 Blockchain Accelerator for Grin


Today the ePIC Blockchain team is Grinning from ear to ear.

Not only is it the first day of spring after a gruelling winter, but today we are excited to (finally) reveal details of our GRN1 ASIC, a blockchain accelerator custom built for Grin  cryptocurrency that’s been in intense development for the past 9 months.

In conjunction with our customer, Obelisk, the premier North American Crypto Mining Rig Manufacturer, we are excited to unveil our first Blockchain ASIC.  

The engineers at ePIC have used their extensive GPU design experience to create the world's most advanced cryptocurrency mining ASIC. Highlights of the GRN1 ASIC are:


Technical Details:

  • The world’s most advanced Cryptocurrency Mining ASIC; in fact, its die size is larger than most GPU’s.

Size of an ePIC GRN1 ASIC vs typical Bitcoin ASIC processor

Size of an ePIC GRN1 ASIC vs typical Bitcoin ASIC processor

  • Single chip ASIC with >512MB of embedded SRAM memory. Built on the TSMC 16nm process.

  • Designed for GRIN cryptocurrency using the ASIC-friendly algorithm, Cuckatoo31.

  • Category leading performance at 25 GPS per ASIC (graphs per second) and up to 75 Watts / ASIC power consumption. This is approximately equivalent to 18x the performance of the fastest GPU on Grin and about 40x more energy efficient.

Industry Reaction

Reaction from the Grin community has been astonishment and delight at the GRN1 announcement.

“wow; shocking news from Obelisk”
seems i was quite misinformed about single chip feasibility”

  • John Tromp - Grin Governance and Author of Grin cryptographic algorithms

“150 GPS on C31 is impressive”

  • Ignotus Peverell - Grin Governance and founder of Grin Coin

Obelisk’s announcement

In Closing,

I’d like to thank the ePIC team for their hard work and dedication to the GRN1 development. Your contributions and innovative thinking has created the world’s most advanced Blockchain ASIC. I am looking forward to our next ASIC and pushing the envelope even further.  

As a reference point to the disciplined approach we have taken, we had an independent 3rd party ASIC engineering firm conduct an audit of our capabilities, design methodologies and supplier base. We will post an article about best practises in semiconductors in the near future.

It just goes to prove that our CTO, Earl Mai, is right (again). He’s been preaching that “ASIC resistance is futile !”

In a theatric twist of irony, the ePIC engineering team, who were formerly key GPU designers, have now embraced crypto ASIC’s with open arms ,,, or have been assimilated into the ASIC collective!

Over the next few weeks, ePIC will be providing further insights on building ASIC’s for Blockchain processing. Our goal is to set the bar higher for the industry through product innovation, pushing technology boundaries, and bringing best practises for quality to the Blockchain ecosystem. Be sure to follow us on Medium @epic.henry.




  1. Nvidia 2080ti is the fastest GPU for Grin at 1.45 gps (net fidelity 0.85) using about 300W measured mining Grin. Relative performance of GRN-1 compared to 2080ti is 25 GPS/1.45 is 18x and 40x more power efficient i.e. power per GPS is 125W/25 GPS for GRN-1 compared to 300W/1.45 GPS or 5W/GPS vs 207W/GPS.

*Disclaimer - Photos show prototype packaging in order to represent the relative size of the production part..