ePIC Boost™

ePIC Boost(™) provides miners with existing GPU infrastructure, the ability to extend performance beyond their current limitations up to 20%.

This is a software as a service product (SaaS) to extract optimal performance from your existing mining operation and deliver a maximum return on your original capital investment.

The ePIC business model minimizes your upfront cost and allows for a revenue share based on your increased production, efficiency and profits.



ePIC delivers these enhanced efficiencies based on your current GPU mining configuration, depending on your current level of out of the box modification of your GPUs. For AMD (480-580) based Ethash ePIC Boost(™) will generate up to 36 megahashs per second.


  • ePIC Boost(™) (Shader Code upgrade)

  • ePIC Config Boost (Mining software)

  • Implementation by ePIC Value Added Reseller (BIOS modes etc.)


ePIC is able to do this by developing hyper-optimized algorithm-specific firmware written in Shader, the lowest level code available.

ePIC Boost(™) literally speaks directly to the metal. As a result, we don’t waste precious resource and cycles performing on-the-fly translating required by the more commonly used, higher-level firmware languages (CUDA and OpenCL).  

ePIC Boost(™) is easily integrated into your GPU mining infrastructure by simply applying the update during your next maintenance window. Once applied, your AMD and Nvidia GPU’s will function exactly as before, but with a measurable increase in hashrate and decrease in your power consumption.


Give your GPU Mine an ePIC Boost(™)