Henry Quan

Chief Executive Officer

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Shades of ATI 2.0 ... I’m here to build a Blockchain 2.0 semiconductor juggernaut!

Career highlight: Grew a small Canadian company to become one of world’s leading GPU providers.

Henry is shaping ePIC to become a formidable semiconductor provider in the growing Blockchain economy.

Henry brings 30 years of experience in semiconductors and technology startup companies. He was a Vice President for ATI Technologies in Product Marketing and Corporate Development where he lead Product Management, Marketing, Strategy, Corporate Development and Strategic Relationship functions. He helped grow the company from $50 million in revenues to over $2 billion before being acquired by AMD for $5.5 billion in 2006.  After AMD, he was involved in venture capital and smaller startups, several that exited with substantial returns to shareholders.



Earl Mai

Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

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I just want to build great chips. ASIC resistance is futile.

Career highlight: Designed the Custom Shader Core which powers the next generation game console.

Earl’s expertise in digital semiconductor design, SoC - and its execution at cutting edge nodes, is renowned within the industry. As CTO of ePIC, Earl brings over 16 years of experience and provides world-class technical leadership, guidance, and excellence to ePIC’s engineering teams.

His drive for building high speed and power efficient designs and his deep understanding of blockchain, cryptography, mathematics, and semiconductors gives ePIC an unrivalled edge in Blockchain.

In his previous roles as Lead Chip Designer at AMD and ON Semiconductor, Earl led the design teams where he honed his skills to build the industry leading GPU products for desktops, notebooks, mobile phones, and game consoles.

He single handedly rescued a game console vendor by providing a category-leading GPU IP core to replace their internal development which was late-to-market. Earl enabled the game console vendor to launch within the required and inflexible market pre-Christmas window. He also delivered a GPU Custom Shader core prototype platform that helped the customer shorten the ISV game development cycle. Earl’s innovative thinking resulted in the delivery of a shader core platform (using 8 large FPGA chips) to enable game development prior to hardware availability.


Jim Seto

Chief Operating Officer


What is a winning formula? Strong customer engagement, with world-class SoC designers and best-in-class execution, that is what we are building at ePIC.

Career Highlight: Successful company-wide engineering and operational  transformations such as COT implementations and Asset-Lite strategies do not come easily and Jim can point to these achievements as some of his past deliverables.

Jim is both deep and wide in his knowledge of the entire semiconductor eco-system.  This unique vertical and horizontal insight has been instrumental in growing the companies that he has worked for. As a domain expert in the COT fabless semiconductor industry, he brings operational, technical and business acumen to ePIC.

At ePIC, he is focused on delivery and execution of our custom chip designs and blockchain processing products. Scale, Total Cost of Ownership, NPI (New Product Introduction), Quality and Time to Market are just some of the aspects that he will bring to focus.

Previously, Jim’s was Vice President, Operations and Supply Chain for Qualcomm. where he lead the operational efforts to meet the demanding requirements of 4G/LTE ramp (volume, TTM, cost). Jim was also Corporate Vice President, Foundry Operations for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). In that role, he was key in the Asset-Lite transformation of its manufacturing strategy and grew the foundry relationships with TSMC, GlobalFoundries and UMC. Rapid NPI efforts are needed in the graphics, PC and mobile industries, as difficult technical challenges are solved concurrently with a high volume ramp. In that environment, Jim’s design engineering background and management experience has always been a valuable asset.