ePIC specializes in providing custom ASIC and FPGA design services to public and private protocol developers, the cryptocurrency mining industry, and enterprise blockchain.



ASIC Design

We provide full custom digital design services across a broad range of technology nodes- with over 150 years of cumulative design experience encompassing 90nm down to 7nm.  

  • Full supplier services from specification to production

  • Custom Specific Standard Product − CSSP

  • System integration and packaging optimization

  • Diagnostics and production test code

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Specifications and requirements definition

  • Full custom ASIC design flow



FPGA Design

ePIC’s FPGA & SoC design services team provides complete design services. Additionally, our Design Services team has an in-depth expertise in developing applications such as bus controllers and bridges, embedded processors, transceiver / multi-protocol designs and DSP platforms

  • Testbench development

  • Feature additions

  • Timing closure

  • Board design, schematic development and component selection

  • Develop FPGA bitstreams in Verilog resulting in more compact code-size and better performance. Competitors tend to use compilers that result in lower performance and larger FPGA cores.

  • Initial Architecture

In addition, we use FPGA’s to verify the functionality and performance of our Verilog code used in our design designs. FPGA can also be used for early development of system firmware and software drivers.

Click HERE for ePIC’s FPGA reference code for mining Aion.


Software & Drivers

Designing great semiconductors requires deep knowledge of software. ePIC’s engineers understand the tight relationship between hardware and software. As such we provide firmware, diagnostic and production test tools, was well as reference code, driver/plug-in and OS kernel optimizations. As an example of software capabilities, ePIC wrote a GPU plug-in for Grin Coin which features the fastest performance for AMD on Linux and OCL.

Click HERE for ePIC Boost Miner Software page.



IP Portfolio

Interested in building your own blockchain or crypto mining hardware? You need ePIC’s deep design expertise. We can design from scratch or build upon our proven list of internally developed crypto IP - covering a wide variety of hash and cryptographic functionality.

    • Bitonic             • SHA2, SHA3             • SIMD
    • Ring             • blake, blake2b             • Fixed Math Library
    • Radix             • siphash             • Dot Products
    • SPI ASIC I/F             • SM3, SM9             • ASIC Resistance
    • Random Mapping             • AES
            • Cuckoo Cycle