ePIC is highly focused on providing semiconductor innovation to the Blockchain ecosystem. Our Blockchain processors provide the the highest ROI, best performance, long product life cycle and maximum power efficiency in it’s class. Market research shows the hypergrowth in in Blockchain semiconductors as the market adopts Blockchain technology. For Blockchain to match consumer expectations, performance must increase to provide instantaneous authentication or consensus of a validate transaction at speeds 7,000 times what Bitcoin is being transacted at. This trend obviously needs specialized parts to provide security and performance.


We intend to evolve ePIC’s product and IP roadmap for blockchain processing in the following stages:

  • Blockchain 1.0 for Cyptocurrency applications

  • Blockchain 2.0 for the growing enterprise Blockchain market

  • Blockchain 3.0 as a bridge to communicate between incompatible Blockchain 2.0 systems.