ePIC’s design team has a winning track record of consistently designing category-leading semiconductors.

This seasoned team has over 150 man years of development experience with high performance, power efficient ASICs in the most competitive segments of the semiconductor market.


ePIC is using it’s talent and expertise to deliver the best and most innovative blockchain semiconductors to the Cryptocurrency market in 2019. We are driving a riving a  culture of 5 C’s throughout the company … Capable, Creative, Committed, Confident, CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) … to give you the best products and services.


Winning Track Record

Products consistently top sellers in respective segments

• Category leading specifications and features

• Includes GPU, Mobile SOC, Game Consoles & Chipsets

• 4+ billion units aggregated ASIC volume shipped in 2017

• Deliver leading ASICs to top computer, set-top & smartphone OEMs



• Taped-out 80+ chips in various nodes from 90nm to 7nm

• End-to-end design, NPI and HVM execution.

• Reference designs, software drivers/apps, test boards to validate & test.

• System engineering - board design, firmware, diagnostic & production test tools



• Held lead positions for for ATI, AMD, ON Semi, Qualcomm, Nortel

• Taped-out 80+ chips in various nodes from 90nm to 7nm

• Die sizes from 9mm2 to 600mm2

• Foundries used: TMSC, UMC, GF, Samsung & SMIC



Technical Ninja Team

AM IMG_6984.jpg

- Voodoo Priest -

Magically makes things work

Senior Engineering Director with 25+ years of design & ASIC ops in GPU/Chipset & CE devices. Led ATI ASIC Ops plus board & ASIC bring-up, NPI, board, firmware dev & production testing ninja

JP IMG_6978.jpg

- Chameleon -

Adapts to any task that comes up

Senior staff engineer with 10+ years of experience in ASIC & verification methodologies, emulation platforms & FPGAs


- FinFET Yoda -

Sought out by foundries and design houses for FinFET insight

Recognized Fellow & Domain expert in deep sub-micron transistor level design. Wiith >20 years of device-level experience, this Chief Silicon Technologist knows ‘what’ to do and ‘how’ to do it using best-in-class custom analog EDA tools and flows.

AW IMG_6965.jpg

- Humanoid Clone -

Cranks out more circuits than humanly possible

Senior staff engineer with 15+ years of designing and delivering ASICs, led the design-verification IP team & SOC integration (GPU)

CF IMG_6958.jpg

- Spidermonkey -

Loves to climb cliffs & reach new summits in design

Staff engineer with 10+ years of experience encompassing software development, design verification, system engineering, silicon validation, fast bring-up, debugging & post silicon problem solving